2-5 July 2024

Scientific sessions 3rd & 4th July and upto midday 5th July

15th International Symposium on Mechanisms Of VasoDilatation and EDH 

Magdalen College, Oxford,  UK

Plenary Lecturers

Christian Aalkjaer, Aarhus, Denmark

The importance of small artery structure - where did it start and where are we now

Ana Briones, Madrid, Spain

Resolving inflammation improves vascular dysfunction in disease

Kim Dora, Oxford, UK

Beating human coronary microvascular dysfunction

Julie Freed, Milwaukee, USA

Promoting Resiliency to Stress in the Human Microcirculation

Ingrid Fleming, Frankfurt, Germany

More than cGMP: insight into the metabolic and epigenetic actions of eNOS

Brant Isakson, Charlottesville, USA

Alpha globin in endothelium

Anne Joutel, Paris, France

New insights into the pathogenic mechanisms of CADASIL

Tom Longden, Baltimore, USA

Electrical control of brain blood flow by capillary pericytes

Mark Nelson, Burlington VT, USA

Translating thought and motion into blood flow in the brain

Oana Sorop, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Microvascular dysfunction in large animal models of obstructive and non-obstructive IHD

 For further information please contact: christopher.garland@pharm.ox.ac.uk