The organising committee is delighted to invite you to attend the at15th Mechanisms Of VasoDilation/Endothelium-Dependent Hyperpolarization meeting (MOVD/EDH 2024) in the beautiful university city of Oxford.  

Based at medieval Magdalen College in the centre of Oxford, MOVD/EDH 2024 will provide an opportunity to attend plenary lectures by some of the world's leading vascular researchers and offers you a forum to present and discuss current research into the mechanisms that determine vascular reactivity in both health and disease.  

Registration and abstract submission for MOVD/EDH 2024 is now open  

Organising committee

Chris Garland

Oxford, UK

Ana Briones

Madrid, Spain

Jan Danser

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Kim Dora

Oxford, UK

Jo De Mey

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Ulf Simonsen

Aarhus, Denmark

Rhian Touyz

Montreal, Canada

 For further information please contact:  


International scientific advisory committee

Pooneh Bagher (USA)

Bill Campbell (USA);

Carmine Cardillo, (Italy)

Nicholas Flavahan (USA)

Ingrid Fleming (Germany)

Adam Greenstein (UK)

Iain Greenwood (UK)

Mike Hill (USA)

Brant Isakson (USA) 

Bill Jackson (USA)

Nancy Kanagy (USA)

Barb Kemp-Harper (Australia)

Akos Koller (Hungary)

Susan Leung (Hong Kong)

Thomas Lüscher, (UK)

Mark Nelson (USA)

Hiroaki Shimokawa (Japan)

Valerie Shini-Kerth (France)

Stefano Taddei (Italy)

Eric Thorin (Canada)

Rita Tostes (Brazil)

Chris Triggle (Qatar)

Agostino Virdis (Italy)

Yu Wang (Hong Kong)

Clinton Webb (USA)

Rob Widdop (Australia)

Cor de Wit (Germany)

Huang Yu (Hong Kong)